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Space Needle Lamp Design For The Bedroom

The guys from Utopia Design Studio came up with a fun and modern idea for a bedroom. And they called it the Space needle lamp. In this case it is really appropriate for the bedroom. For me, a single night at the bedroom means I have a problem. And that’s not a good for the lighting. It’s not a comfortable-lit lamp during night either. It’s true that it needs natural light but still it’s very gentle. It doesn’t have very bright or powerful scopes but it’s ideal for the bedroom. There’s not a good solution to making that area also serve as a work place where children can play.

So the lamp is hung on the wall like a board, with the support at the back just inches away. The attention to details is amazing. These lamps actually have a very hard surface but the light that comes through these extra long stick shaped “sticks” is very soothing. The design is very ingenious. Children and adults will always have fun when walking on the street or even in the “street”, so imagine the fun it can get you! Also the size is appropriate for bed. The lamps come in different colors, so you can match it with the rest of the room. You can also find them in bronze, copper or chromed bronze finishes. The price goes between $smith and finish.

Space Needle Lamp Design For The Bedroom Photo 3

Space Needle Lamp Design For The Bedroom Photo 4

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