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Hampton Bay Barcelona Chandelier

We all know how glamorous and elegant the barcelona chandelier is and some of its design could even be considered an homage to this very special item. Actually, the barcelona chandelier is a very popular creation and it has a very interesting and unique shape which makes it a dream collection for the owners.The beige upholstery reminds us of those royal oriday decorations that a lot of people choose for their homes and they call them colourful or monotonous or they simply love all things colorful but don’t usually combine this with the typical, dramatic design.

This is actually a combination of the simplicity of the shape with the luxury of the details. Just like most barcelona chandeliers, these ones also feature handcrafted accents handmade in our own studio. Still, each piece is unique and custom-made. Also, overall, each armchair measures approximately 20cm W and this one is reduced to just one seat. It also has a wooden frame which allows it to be slender and to be lightweight. In addition, the shade available is extremely narrow.

Hampton Bay Barcelona Chandelier Photo 4

We will let you continue in our journey through the different types of barcarn hoods and now we’re going to focus on the most common categories. The first category consists of decorative items or things like barrels, rough-cut jacks, lanterns and other similar things. They are in some way reminiscent of the traditional houses most of them and they still remained fashionable today. To make your kitchen/bathroom look inviting and beautiful you don’t necessarily have to go out of your way to reinvent the whole décor. You can just focus on the little things that give personality to your space.

In most cases, things like ceramic tiles, wooden barrels or metal containers are popular barcarn hood designs. There are lots of interesting and stylish ways in which they can be repurposed. One example is offered on bmmodernfortwo. Here you’ll find a mixture of ceramic tiles and white paint. Using the mix of colors becomes a sophisticated and chic color palette for the room.

Hampton Bay Barcelona Chandelier Photo 6

On the other hand, if the décor is almost always black and white, perhaps a different combination of colors could work. Check out this contemporary kitchen which is defined by warm colors, glossy finishes and glossy and walnut countertops. However, the contrast is very faint and almost austere.

Hampton Bay Barcelona Chandelier Photo 7

Ceramic or black-and-white stripes are also something to be considered in this case. Stripes are classy and sophisticated but are also casual and sophisticated. To create a similar look you can use tape to create a pattern. To find out more about how to use it, have a look at the complete tutorial offered on bhg.

Black and white photographs are wonderful if you’re trying to decorate your home with timeless simplicity. In that case, you should consider using a print as a source of inspiration. This timeless magazine cut-out pattern featured on Dreamalittlebigger is a perfect example. It may not be a simple print but it makes for a lovely wallpaper and an interesting way to display it.

Another wallpaper design that’s just bohemian and personalized thanks to It’s Party In Pink featured on Vitaminihandmade is this beautiful design that comes from sugarandcloth. What’s cool about it is that it comes in multiple colors. The pattern is simple and unique and you can mix and match different colors to create custom and original decors.

For those that prefer simpler and more monochromatic designs, there are plenty of ways to go about it. Check out Aliceandlois for a design example which mixes black and white stripes in an unusual way.

On Burlapandblue the company offers a series of really chic and versatile patterns which can be combined to look chic and charming. The striped design featured here includes checkered pattern which can be mixed and matched in lots of different ways. It’s not a very eye-catching pattern but it balances out perfectly becoming a beautiful background for the accent pillows.

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