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Fixed Dual Head Halogen Shop Light

This special shop light, the Dual Head LED, is fixed on the ceiling at the entrance with a dynamic dong to warm up the lights. The voltage of the light is 60 volts and 3,2 tons of hot air at 230V. The shop sells for $1,480 while the LED installation costs $1,550 so you can expect standard prices in between.

Fixed Dual Head Halogen Shop Light Photo 2

The shop, designed by Michael Bambino, LLC, is located in the heart of SoHo, New York.It’s a rare look for a residential location. This place has so many beautiful details it’s hard to even spot it. As you can see, it’s a modern but also a little cozy. It’s modern not by any means. It’s not exaggerated, it’s not very sophisticated but it’s definitely sophisticated and it hides a very simple and practical home design.

Fixed Dual Head Halogen Shop Light Photo 3

The Dual Head LED spotlights have a very simple, minimalist and elegant design that really makes them stand out. The color temperature for the light is Frosted, so the light will not be perfectly balanced. The light will always be on so make sure you always get the optimum source of sunlight because it’s best not to let it glare all the time. The dong to spread the soft light through is also quiet so it’s only advised that you treat it with regularity.

Fixed Dual Head Halogen Shop Light Photo 5

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