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Fenton Lamps Store

This is the new store located in Bath, Sydney, Australia. It was designed by James Plumb Architects with interior, entertainment and slide effect from which you can admire the whole picture. The store was designed as a continuous space, which is also functional. Each room represents a contrast between the various aspects that compose it.The whole place was furnished with a series of 40 re-used canopy tent cushions. They really bring the feel of being outside in a pleasant and cozy way.

The main purpose was to create a subtle Economical image by using different materials.The fabric tent cushions are made of polyester, which makes them extremely comfortable. They can now be purchased for their price of $89 each.The whole building has an industrial touch, thanks to the materials used to build it. It makes it look modern but it has the vintage qualities that make it inviting and suitable for an industrial area.

Fenton Lamps Store Photo 5

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