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Pergo Rustic Grey Oak Cabin

These days all we can think of is getting ready for the upcoming winter holidays, for going to the theatre or watching a movie on Christmas the moment I promise myself that I won’t let my kids go to the movies because I have to sleep like a bird and stay up reading bad jokes. All these things are not necessary, especially if I spend some moments in front of my fireplace watching the Christmas pictures with my dear friends.

Pergo Rustic Grey Oak Cabin Photo 2

It is amazing to see how many beautiful homes decorated with wooden beams and glass or crystal candlesticks look like some old stable from the 19th century. The candles and lights, all illuminated by the wax and candle lights, create an intimate atmosphere which makes you feel nice and comfortable while you are at it.

Pergo Rustic Grey Oak Cabin Photo 3

Wood is the general processed by many interior designers and furniture designers because their ideas and vision allows them to impress in the eyes of anyone. They manage to combine functionality with tradition and, an unexpected thing is that they have a particular style and are not so much characterized by these two attributes, but combined in a very significant manner. Besides the warm wood they are also very practical allowing you to get a sensation of safety and comfort without making an ugly surprise on the “soft” side.

Pergo Rustic Grey Oak Cabin Photo 4

Pergo Rustic Grey Oak Cabin Photo 5

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