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Ohio State Table Lamps By Nistor&Nistor

When you think about table lamps, there is definitely something that you should know on it. Perhaps this is all about the materials and the designs. It is true that many of the lamps manufactured by major brands and manufacturers are the latest trends although they are relatively subtle. It is true that there still are many designers creating collections which try to bring something new to the table.

Another thing that can prove to be interesting is the increasing interest in replica designs and the designs which try to go beyond the classics and impart the same dynamic to modern objects.In case of furniture, there was no better model than this one. Its design ignores nature and tries to bring things closer to us, things that belong to nature, with elements that we can draw as decorations. The principle used for this tried to obtain a subtle, but still elegant object which still keeps its close relationship with nature. The materials, the light colors and the use of wood create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere while the think and its design runs the gamut from traditional handcrafted pieces to more modern designs where the materials used also follow the same concept.

Ohio State Table Lamps By Nistor&Nistor Photo 1

It is definitely the kind of lamp that completes your home and makes you think about a new world, maybe even make up a neighborhood for it. It is really the best proof that there is hope and all the designers hope and try to find the solutions to its problems and make our own world beautiful and more beautiful.{found on archdaily}

Ohio State Table Lamps By Nistor&Nistor Photo 2

Ohio State Table Lamps By Nistor&Nistor Photo 3

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