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Library Lamp Green Shade

Modern homes have a very distinctive look. They sometimes have a very geometrical look or shape and depending on the viewers choice and in the case of some living rooms or bedrooms the lighting needs to match that. One way or another, they have an elegant design and are often reminiscent of the old castles or colonial houses. That’s usually the case for interior design.

Library Lamp Green Shade Photo 2

It’s a normal thing to use lamps for the living room, for the bedroom or for the desk, regardless of the style and the design. Now since there’s this much needed piece in there, it’s time to give it a makeover. It doesn’t have to look old or outdated. You can transform your old lamp into something new and amazing. Take a look at this particular design and maybe you’ll get something similar.

Library Lamp Green Shade Photo 3

You can also come up with multi-functional pieces, like this storage lamp that illuminates two walls with a hole in it. Notice the two holes that let the light out create a beautiful, dramatic look. The lamp is called the Mirage lamp. It was designed by Tom Fered and it has a pretty modern design, with oversized cut out lamps sitting on a wooden base and reflecting the beautiful moon and the beautiful cloudy sky. Its price is not specified and it usually is included in the price of the lamp.{found on corneau}.

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