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Aqua Glass Lamp By Gustavo Collucco

Inspired by aquatic life and also, dynamism of the sky and water, the underwater lamp designed by Gustavo Collucco dazzles with its transparent light. The floating lamp has an unusual design that consists of two spherical light pieces. The small light pieces are made of what look like a mix of glass and copper, a transporae somewhere between the two materials. The pieces surround one another and create a curved lampshade that seems to be floating in the air, like a wave in the ocean. The interesting part is the little light inside the shade, a sort of diffuser or as cinema for the music.

A lamp is made to measure and it’s usually bigger than it is so that when introduced in a room, it can make the room seem crowded other than its actual size. But sometimes it’s just boring and nobody takes the lead when it’s needed. Such a lamp could be useful in a student’s apartment who needs his reading lamp in the living room.

The tiny lamp looks really similar to the bubble lamp, also named after the shape of the lamp and the design it creates. It’s shaped like a semicircular disk that is hanging from a central rod. The light coming through the disk is stronger than the light coming through the lamp, creating a very subtle effect and, at the same time, making it look cute.

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