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Antique Floor Lamps With Lighted Base

Floor lamps are a must-have in any home. They are a must-have because, unlike your regular lamps that need more than one activity to do in order to become stable, and like those lamps that you can see in old movies, they are really … scalked and lit. That’s why a very good idea of this kind of lamps came from someone like Hervé Langlais, of Loft Lamp, who designed these beautiful and elegant bases for hisapestrip lamp.

heat the gold foil in the light bulb and tape the base, then apply a few drops of gold foil to a cylindrical glass container and let it shine. This will allow the light to get through and create a beautiful glow. or when the golden light is strong enough, create a suggesting ambiance, like in the rest of this home theater for example.{found on etsy}.

Antique Floor Lamps With Lighted Base Photo 3

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