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Hampton Bay Track Lighting Pendant Adapter

Ever seen a track light used for reading? Probably not, since there are many different types of track lighting. However, there’s not a lot of designs that are like this one. This minimalist, black and white combination features a series of small open spaces suspended from cord-hanging track lights with very interesting geometric designs and patterns.

Individually, the small spaces can look quite magical. You don’t really see them as a whole, they’re just scattered around the room and they give the decor a very calming and relaxing look. They can serve as actual lamps or you can choose to draw them in on yourself. They look very artistic and abstract, especially when part of the design is a DIY project. Check out the full description of the project on instructables.

Hampton Bay Track Lighting Pendant Adapter Photo 3

When working with black cords and black sockets it can be pretty easy to get lost in details and to focus on the little details like the construction process, the supplies needed, the wall sockets, the cables and the way these thin black rings on the sides light up. The inspiration in these simple experiments comes from grillo-designs. Feel free to customize the design even further.

The inspiration for this project comes from the cycling series. There are lots of interesting and impressive elements and diverse materials and systems used throughout the apartment. You can use these ones as inspiration for your own project. They’re all based on simple concepts.

Hampton Bay Track Lighting Pendant Adapter Photo 5

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