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Kirklands Table Lamps By Josef Frank

Each interior presents a different set of table lamps, in this case specifically designed by Josef Frank from Danish brand Hansgroat. Now this is a very creative and original collection. It consists of a table lamp and foil lamps. They are both available in silver and black finish and together they form a unique and elegant set, with a design and form that are really inspired by the user. They could be used in a traditional interior as well as in a more modern setting.

The table lamps are available Catalog or Kids version. They are very simple and elegant and very delicate design. The pendant lights or sconces are available without them. They are crafted from natural light-emitting diodes. The table lamps are made in Los Angeles, California, in the USA and manufacturing is probably the most important aspect. They are handmade and feature timeless design. They have a versatile shape and a beautiful look. They also come in two different colors. You can choose between them. The prices vary between $625 and $2875.

The unusual light constructions allow the table lamps to stand out in a very elegant fashion. The two patterns resemble the waves of the ocean so the whole design resembles a beautiful ocean sculpture even if it’s not. The black and white combination is another classy and fun combination. And the color choice is discreet and simple.

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