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Lowes Outdoor Table Lamps By Peter Sellar

With a fresh design, a modern yet playful aspect, and a versatile look, the Lowes table lamp would beautifully fit any patio or garden. Its simplicity lies in its shape: a circle with a perfect oval base that puzzles you. It’s small and chic and perfect for any table. Moreover, it has a 360 degree adjustable light, which is great for bedrooms. It also has a candle-holders on the inside that protect the light at night from burning the light during the night. The oval base is available in white, grey and baby yellow.

Lowes Outdoor Table Lamps By Peter Sellar Photo 2

The body of the lamp is made of ceramic anitizer and the shade is made of aluminum powder coated. The aluminum is very durable and strong. The lamp comes with a 60-day warranty. It doesn’t look bulky at all. It has a beautiful, simple, and versatile design that can’t help itself. This is a lamp that would look very nice in a bedroom or maybe in a living room. It’s lightweight and delicate and it also has a pleasant feel that makes it very comfortable. The Terra lamp is available for $200.

Lowes Outdoor Table Lamps By Peter Sellar Photo 3

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