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Lava Lamp Light Bulb Walmart Deal

If you’re searching for a new lamp with a unique design then you should really take a look at this one. The Makoid floor lamp comes from lighting systems company called disappearance and rose. looking like something you’ve seen on a deserted island that usually have two separated areas, the lamp looks more like a quest-verse version of a lamp and you’re only certain of its functionality since both the light and the height are also both very important.

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The lamp is compatible with LED lights. It has a very simple and pure design except for the narrow dimensions and lack of additional features. The blown glass shades are surrounded by a space of faux live edge wood and this adds a special semi-gloss finish to the lamp. There are three ways to choose from when adjusting the lamp to adjust the light to the positions to suit every body position. You can turn it on or off and you can even adjust its position depending on your needs. The visual effect is really beautiful and very creative. The lamp is made from a combination of glass shades paired with a fiberglass structure and cover that is a system of cables.

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The lamp is easy to assemble and once it’s all taken care of you can just add the lamp wherever you want. It’s a simple and beautiful decoration that can add a romantic glow to your space. The Makoid floor lamp is available for $329 which is very fair at this point because there are already at least two types you can choose from.

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