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Bob Marley Lava Lamp Spencers

These boring lamps make a great decoration for every single time that you have a boring chair near a table or a fireplace. Literally, they say, but they make some serious decorative value. These bob marley lava lamps spencers are functional lighting accessories around the house. They are made of decorative lava logs that were cooked up long ago making their origins very refined.

Bob Marley Lava Lamp Spencers Photo 3

They would look perfectly well amongst any traditional decor, as they are both useful and decorative. Most often, mantels and bookshelves would be adorned with them. Which is a good thing when you want to add some sophistication to a room. These lava lamps make you feel really awesome and you can share that happy look with others too.

Bob Marley Lava Lamp Spencers Photo 4

These spills are made with recycled glass beakers and waxed post-till glass. They are then covered with a bright colored rope and gently lit with candles among some driftwood trees – Yummy! They are perfect for both indoors and outdoors. The spills are placed inside the lamp shade and are secured to the underside with brass screws. The mushroom shape is very close to the original one from ancient times and it is repeated in this lamp shade – making it look great. This accessory comes with a set of rules and quantities of $99.

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