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Tourtiere Lamp By Joris Laarman For Permanue

In a world full of clothes and mentality, a young and dynamic bunch will hide their envy from others until they get to be like “tourtiere…”. This playful lamp serves as a classic example of kitschy childhood lamp and has instead served as a modern one in many ways. As you might have guessed, this lamp was launched by Joris Laarman of French design company Joris Laarman, and their vision was to create a childlike vision of contemporary design. The result was this beautiful and playful lamp. It’s like a blueprint that would impress any child who would seek to master neat and functional lighting fixtures.

Tourtiere Lamp By Joris Laarman For Permanue Photo 2

The innovative lamp is built using the rotational faced component of a single-mm maple. The rotary light source rotations through the maple are joined to the LED components, enabling the designers to create a complex lamp with a tiled conch structure. The lamp has three elements, one of which is the LED spot-on bulb. It also has a built-in base which mounts on the ceiling above the lamp and creates a cozy, intimate atmosphere for its user. The shade is made of ivory and features a soft glow that makes it highly versatile and appropriate for both girls and the old, in particular, since it was designed for teenage rooms.

Tourtiere Lamp By Joris Laarman For Permanue Photo 3

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