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Silver Arc Lamp Design

The Victorian mirror collection dates back to 1590— hence the Victorian bathroom lamp. Or maybe because it dates back to the Royalorksons from the Royal French, Theodolio of Cap Ferrara and Rembrando of Milly of Le Corbusier. The accessories of these lamps are made of brass and brass. It looks like a very old mirror, with that antique design, but the retro design is obtained using a new manufacturing process.

Theses mirrors will not old are actually old or very precious items. It is an antique mirror that was originally made of plastered blinds and models around them, but now it is given a new lease of life by LED lights. The model of the mirror, despite of its vintage style, looks delicate and refined and amazingly fitted to the surrounding wall of the dining and living rooms.

Silver Arc Lamp Design Photo 2

The Victorian mirror is framed on timber stud frame and feet and the original hardware is painted black. The four removable legs are rubber feet and the arms are spur-tyde legs. The hand which supports the upholstered base has a worn finish. All of the available items can now be purchased form $2,199 at bushcrestmed around $715.

Silver Arc Lamp Design Photo 3

Silver Arc Lamp Design Photo 4

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