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Sectional Sofa Lamps By Yuppy C

After a long time since designed to become one of the classics in home decoration, we are continuing our work in the same spirit and in another manner, with the purpose of making a rectangular or rather-, longitudinal sectional. This new creation of Yuppy C is, from the beginning, about a sofa lamp. It is a type of modern lamp that comes now with a simple design. It is also simple, but very nice to look at. The rectangular shape makes it easily integrate in the smaller rooms of the house without having any intriguing details that take it over the top.

The sofa itself, of black in color, has a very nice silhouette, though very simple. It projects its shape from the ceiling all the way up to the top. Even though it is more of a sculpture and not an item, the lamp is very elegant and looks great in any décor. The one-of-a-kind sofa lamp costs around $1,000. Well, this is a good investment. And, you will be able to enjoy it for many years to come and it will be able to be saved for Christmas or for the New Year, when it’s officially cut.

Sectional Sofa Lamps By Yuppy C Photo 3

Sectional Sofa Lamps By Yuppy C Photo 4

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