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Crate & Barrel Lamps By Neuland Studio

These chic and colorful lamps are the perfect accent for the home. They were designed by Neuland Studio for their collections, Cape and Barrel. They are very lovely and stylish accessories for the home and they would look equally charming in the dining room, bedroom or office.

The collection also includes a series of rugs, all with leather-covered soft pads. They also include chic and simple sideboards, linear lampshades and classy and sophisticated stools. They also include leather-covered or ceramic bar stools. The rugs are made from a combination of leather and recycled echelon fabrics.

Crate & Barrel Lamps By Neuland Studio Photo 6

The tables, or casters with their metal mechanism are particularly wonderful because they’re very practical. There are lots of different types of leather furniture and they can be used for just about anything. They can be used either to conceal spills onto the chairs or to emphasize the décor of the room. However, a large variety of colors are also available and they are excellent for distinct periods that are etched with subtle patterns, with colorful insertions of your choosing. Some of these furniture pieces are also available without the inserts.

Crate & Barrel Lamps By Neuland Studio Photo 8

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