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Victorian Hurricane Lamps By Encock Design

A great thing about weather radios is that it is possible to increase or decrease the light intensity and the colour temperature of the surrounding elements. That is because both humans and people enjoy watching the sky. If you light up a room, you will emit different colours or images depending on the weather; For example, on summer days you will see the strong colours from the storm forecast, and your house will reflect the fading of the day lights. But how to make up these cloudy murals? The answer is in the mirror, as long as the mirror is already built in, you can achieve these fantastic and pleasant looking effects by adding some powerful mirror lamps. They work very well in rotating, as they are entirely made of blown glass and have a resistance to heat sources, so that you do not need any candles to light them up in the winter.

Victorian Hurricane Lamps By Encock Design Photo 2

These collections of mirrors are mainly composed of round mirrors and liquid chinks from the same family, available in various shapes and colors like liquid metal (light or dark wood) or Artistic Wood (moss, slate, lacquered wood). The collection can be mixed and matched by just about anyone, being available for $ VarietyLovers .

Victorian Hurricane Lamps By Encock Design Photo 3

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