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Torchiere Floor Lamps With Dimmer Switch

With a bright and fun design, the new Ceramic Torchiere floor lamp will attract everyone’s attention. The lamp is part of the Torchiere collection and it was designed by Gianni Moccane and Gianni Canono. It’s a series of lamps that comes with a dimming option. The can be placed on the desk, table or floor lamp. The can have different numbers of lights and colors that change with the position. The lamp it designed with dimmable functions. It has a square-shaped form and a four lamps that swivel. The lamps also feature dimming functions.

It’s an elegant piece of furniture that will look very nice in the office. The design is minimalist and modern, even its going great with the LOÅ4 sofa sofa that has a somewhat similar design. Visually pleasing, the lamps have a natural look and they are very pleasant for the eyes. The CUBE lighting is made of aluminum, frosted glass, polycarbonate, and fiberglass. It was designed by Gianni Calzaira and is also available in light grey shades.

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