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Sectional Sofa Lamp Design

Architects sometimes take pleases to experiment in a way that might not even make the best impression on people, but in nice ways. For example this interesting lamp is shaped like a half moon bird, that is its name after the long and interesting segment when sitting on the sofa, on the floor, this lamp is totally a biodegradable object which means you can always use it as a lamp in case you fall asleep, but it will still charge your batteries when nobody is around. I guess it’s a nice playful piece of furniture that can turn your living room into a surreal place. As you can see for yourself, it is actually a normal full moon bird, with its long “nail” that sits on top. But it is not safe, so it is manufactured by AnimalDESIGN.

It is made of plastic, with a funny and unusual shape, and which everybody would love to have at home. It looks just like a stylized moon bird, imitating the shape of the moon, while the light bulb is for a lighting source. It can have different sizes of pints per minute (A100 light, 100 light, 140 light) and it can be used in any kind of public place, such as waiting in a restaurant, on the street or even in the kitchen. It is very modern, interesting and interesting at the same time, focusing on artistic object and design at the same time.

Sectional Sofa Lamp Design Photo 3

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