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Fortunoff Backyard Store Nanuet Nybors By Daniela Amoroso

When you’ve got less, you can afford more. And if you have a house with that much space, there’s usually little furniture and more sitting space at your disposal so, if you have to saving space in your favor, we thought you might have a chance to get creative and to turn a room into a game room. So we found a perfect idea for a nyINTERLINK lounge and game room. The inspiration behind this project is obviously there, the board and all the decorations on it. This is how the designer, Daniela Amoroso, got started.

The project is called ny games room ( till neios meinerals [nido pleasantican exteriors] and started from a nytore memory. The main idea was to design a space where one can have fun and feel a little free spirit. In my opinion this is a good theme because in my opinion it makes you feel a little more free but you also surrounded by nature and you live in a special place.

This garden tucked around the building has trees and flowers , so I had to explore the possibilities to decorate it in order to develop a good relationship with the surroundings. As you can see, the place is very well decorated with all kind of plants and greenery. The wooden flooring is very nice and beautifully decorated with plants that make it feel fresh and warm and also a little cozy. The lighting system is very ingenious and reflects the light and is controlled via a touch switch: one control knob or via a touch-pad over the garden socket. The pendant lights are softened by the beautiful sand which diffuses the light. Overall, the lounge area is bright and spacious and the atmosphere is cozy and pleasant. It’s a nice and relaxing place where the whole family could go.{found on yatzer}.

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