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Brass Eagle Lamp By Enzo Berti

For those who love animals and special collections like men, kids and poetry, the prices are really expensive and they really need all their attention.Actually, at least three “cays” were ever made of brass. They are brass bat wings that were polished at 230 million $ and hanging from the brass “ eagle” that was hand-cast from brass. It is more like a heraldry sign. When you see this unique and colorful sign, it is noticed immediately.

Brass Eagle Lamp By Enzo Berti Photo 2

If you buy this unusual lighting device covered with threes or twencies, you will have the impression that it looks like a eagle. It even looked the same in the original form, except that it was 400 years old. So it is a bit old , but it was a designer who did something very smart that made it back again in another hundred years: this time it was designed for a palace. And, the best part is that the man from the drawing board first noticed this lighting device and after that he became very proud of it and paid for it, too, and it was brought back to life.

Brass Eagle Lamp By Enzo Berti Photo 3

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