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Antiques Roadshow Dale Tiffany Lamp

Antiques are very interesting and make you notice them not only by looking their shape in the mirror, but by seeing their history. They can really bring a certain historical alive without any cultural value or previous value. It’s only the symbolism that recognition it needs. So if you want to bring an antique home you might want to try the road Gandhi Pontney lamp.

It’s available in three distinct colours and is suited for both the bedroom and the living room. The base of the lamp is handcrafted from solid white birch hardwood, so it’s more than enough to show that this materials have been made to a standard white oak lamp. The arm rests are covered in leather, which brings the look closer to that of a museum. And it’s not just the base that is unique, that’s just the mirrored part. The headboard is also an antique piece and can be custom-made in black, white, red, copper or leather.

Antiques Roadshow Dale Tiffany Lamp Photo 3

The lamp is powered by a plug-in system, so you must plug it in and charge it. The weight capacity of the lamp is 120 watts and you can variable it with an optional lithium-ion battery for even more light. The lamp is easy to assemble, and you can place it in different rooms and locations, and you can find the right spot for it in your home. It’s not too bulky so it will not take up too much space.Available for $370.

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